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About US

The Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) is the peak council for participants in the chicken meat industry in Australia. The ACMF represents all elements of the industry, including chicken growers and processors, at the national level.

Our Vision

A prosperous, sustainable and innovative Australian chicken meat industry that consistently produces high-quality, affordable and healthy products valued by the customer.

Our Mission

The national voice for the chicken meat industry, advocating on behalf of its members.

Our Objective

To promote the development of the agricultural resources of Australia by advancing and protecting the chicken and poultry meat industry.

What we do

The ACMF represents members in matters including animal health, biosecurity, food standards and safety, animal welfare, sustainability, workforce, trade and a range of other areas affecting the Australian chicken industry. 

The ACMF advocates for effective and strategic policy and standard setting. as well as supporting the chicken meat industry on existing and emerging issues.  Providing members with tools to build and grow their businesses so they remain competitive and profitable for the ACMF.

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Dr Mary Wu ACMF

Dr Mary Wu


Mary is a registered veterinarian with significant protein industry experience. Previously in a senior role with the red meat industry, Mary worked across trade and market access programs, government regulatory/compliance programs, liaison with RDE service providers, cost recovery programs and more. Prior to that, Mary spent eight years with the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, with key areas of focus including coordination of animal health and surveillance programs, trade and market access, live animal import programs, hosting audit delegations, and representing Australia in key international forums including the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Verity Price AMCF

Verity Price

Deputy CEO

Verity is an experienced policy manager who holds strong relationships with key industry stakeholders including those within State and Federal Governments and Animal Health Australian (AHA). Prior to her joining the ACMF, Verity was at Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) in a policy management position. Previously, she worked with the Cattle Council of Australia fulfilling a role working predominantly within Trade and Market Access policy development. Verity has worked in a diverse range of on-farm enterprises including seedstock production, intensive poultry and extensive lamb and cattle production.

Our Members

Along with the companies who produce more than 90 per cent of chicken meat in Australia, the ACMF also represents a range of other suppliers to the industry, providers of services to the industry, and customers of the industry, who are involved in the production and distribution of chicken meat in Australia. Representation from academic bodies and government departments is also welcomed.

Our Board

Joel Kopanica

President and Chairman

General Manager Agriculture at Turosi



Director at Darwalla Group

SUsy Klein

Board Member

Executive General Manager Operations (Commodities, Nutrition, Veterinary Health & Welfare, Further Processing) at Inghams Group Limited

Owen Shaw

Board Member

President, ACGC

Dr Joanne Sillince

Board Member

Acting CEO, ACGC

Jorge Ruiz

Board Member

General Manager – Livestock Division at Baiada Poultry

Dada Hu

Board Member

General Manager – Adelaide at Baiada Poultry