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WorkForce FAQS

What jobs are there in the chicken industry?
There is a huge variety of jobs in the chicken meat industry, in areas including IT and technology, agribusiness, science, engineering, quality assurance, laboratory services, marketing, transport, processing, veterinary, nutrition, administration and management.
How do I train to work in the chicken industry
Some jobs in the industry require little or no training, for example, process workers or label room operators, but if you are keen to understand more about how to raise chickens or how a poultry farm works, there are a range of training courses offered through organisations such as TAFE ,, the Victorian Skills Gateway, and Poultry Hub.

For more specialised training, try your local university, looking for courses such as a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Bachelor of Agricultural Technology and Management or Agribusiness Fundamentals. 

If you want to study online, try an online university such as Open Universities Australia.