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Biosecurity on Chicken Farms

Biosecurity is an essential element of good animal husbandary practice.  To learn more about what biosecurity in the chicken meat industry is, click here to view a short video.

Since 2002, the meat chicken industry has a national biosecurity manual for contract chicken growers which in late 2009/early 2010 was substantially updated and revised in line with the generic Poultry Farm Biosecurity Manual developed in 2009. The poultry manual provides more generic guidance to the various sectors in the industry, whereas the manual for chicken growers is specifically targeted at the meat chicken sector of the poultry industry. Read below a short explanation of the three main documents and their origin and function.


ACMF has updated the 2002 Biosecurity Manual for Chicken Growers based on the Poultry Farm Biosecurity Manual released in June 2009 (see below).  In February 2010, ACMF obtained formal approval of the revised manual from all signatories to the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement.  The revised document retains all the requirements set out in the 2002 manual but incorporates the more extensive descriptions of the objectives to be achieved as well as some additional clarifications and improved supporting material in the appendices.  The revised National Farm Biosecurity Manual for Chicken Growers is available by clicking here or on the picture on the left.

A range of convenient templates can be downloaded separately. To access them, please click here.







In mid 2007, DAFF and AHA sponsored an initiative to develop a National Farm Biosecurity Manual for the Poultry Industry more generally, covering not only meat chickens but also the egg industry, ducks, turkeys, game birds, emus and ostriches. The Biosecurity Advisory Group established to develop the manual conprised representatives from all the industry sectors as well as DAFF, AHA and some State DPI representative.  This manual was launched in June 2009 and can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here or on the picture on the left.  

This document was published by the Department of Agriculture and is also available on the departmental website








In the deliberations by the Biosecurity Advisory Group that led to the Poultry Farm Biosecurity Manual, water used  for drinking, cleaning and cooling was identified as of prime importance to maintaining good biosecurityDAFF commissioned a report that reviewed water biosecurity and provides clear guidelines for implementing good water biosecurity systems.  This report which benefited from the consideration and input from the Biosecurity Advisory Group is also available by clicking here on the picture on the left.  

This document was published by the Department of Agriculture and is also available on the departmental website







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