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Podcasts - Hear from the Experts

A number of experts in a broad range of fields of relevance to the chicken meat industry have agreed to provide some comments inthe form of audio recordings that visitors to this site can listen to.  This provides an opportunity for you, our interested guest, to obtain some further information from people who are not part of the industry but are knowledgeable about issues that relate to the industry.  These recording focus on questions that are likely to be of interest to consumers.

It is important to stress that the interviewees present their own views and assessments and do not necessarily reflect the views of the chicken meat industry or ACMF

Stephen Wiedemann is an agricultural scientist with FSA Consulting.  He has extensive hands-on experience with Life Cycle Analyses in the agricultural sector.

Click here to explore what Stephen has to say about chicken meat production and its environmental impact.


Dr Peter Clifton is the Director of CSIRO’s Nutrition Clinic. He leads the CSIRO Preventative Health Flagship Obesity theme which has a particular focus in South Australia on dietary and lifestyle strategies for the control of obesity and obesity-related conditions.

Click here to explore what Peter has to say about chicken and its place in the Australian diet.

Dr Dominic Dwyer is a medical virologist and infectious diseases physician with a strong clinical and research interest in viral diseases of public health importance eg HIV, influenza and arboviruses.

Click here to explore what Dominic has to say about avian influenza and the potential for a human influenza pandemic occuring.

Stephen Page is a veterinarian and clinical pharmacologist with a long standing and special interest in antibiotic use in all species, including livestock. Use of antibiotics and the potential resistance to antibiotics that this can induce is an important consideration whenever antibiotics are used in animal as well as human medicine. In this recording, Stephen addresses these issues and talks about the international experience.

Click here to explore what Stephen has to say about antibiotics use in the chicken meat industry


Brigid Treloar is a freelance food consultant with over 20 years experience in the food business.  She is well placed to talk about food safety in the home kitchen and to advise on the appropriate and safe handling and cooking of chicken meat.

Click here to explore what Brigid has to say about food safety and food handling


Professor Mingan Choct has many years of experience in many facets of scientific research of relevance to the commercial growing of chickens. He is the CEO of the Australian Poultry CRC, a major collaborative research organisation undertaking long-term projects for the benefit of the poultry industry.

Click here to explore what Mingan has to say about some of the myths surrounding chicken meat


Dr Pat Blackall has extensive experience in bacterial diseases in pigs and poultry.  His research teams have produced most of the diagnostic tools and technologies that support the current prevention and control programs for bacterial respiratory diseases of poultry and pigs. Pat is Senior Principal Research Scientist in the Qld Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

Click here to explore what Pat has to say about bacteria and chicken meat

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