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ACMF at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

2007 was the first time that ACMF was represented at the Sydney Royal Easter Show showcasing the chicken meat industry under the theme "Where does our food come from?".  The exhibition included the screening of our then brand-new school DVD, covering the journey from the hatchery to the plate.  There was also a live hatching of eggs and our colleagues from the egg industry run an egg painting competition.

In 2008, ACMF was is again in the White Pavilion's Food Farm.This time we wereshowcasing some mature meat chickens side by side with egg chickens of the same age to illustrate the difference between the birds used by the chicken meat and the egg industries.  For pictures of the 2008 Royal Easter Show, go to the Photo Gallery.

On 9 April 2009, the Sydney Royal Easter Show opened with our industry again having an area in the White Pavilion's Food Farm.  Photos taken at the 2009 RES can be viewed by clicking here.

Royal Easter Show 2010

The Sydney Royal Easter Show opened its doors on 1 April 2010.  Entries into the School Meat Chicken Competition, sponsored by the industry, were judged on that day.  Photos of  some of the prize winning commercial meat birds are available here.  The Australian Chicken Meat Federation also had a stand within the Poultry Pavilion with lots of information and free feed scoops with a biosecurity message kindly provided by the Australian Department of Agricultrue, Fisheries and Forestry.  The traditional Food Farm exhibit of meat chickens and egg chickens was again popular with visitors, particularly the younger ones.  Pictures of the Poultry Pavilion Stand and the Food Farm Exhibit are available here.

Below are a few photos of the 2007 ACMF exhibition, including egg hatching and egg painting (which is actually presented by the Australian Egg Corporation Limited):

Hatching of Chicken Eggs is particulary popular with the children:

and egg painting, of course!

Our pavillion "Food Farm" is located in the north-western corner of the showground as indicated on the map below (red oval circle in the top left corner).

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