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National Biosecurity Manual - New Edition 2010

The National Farm Biosecurity Manual sets out the basic requirements for chicken farms to ensure adequate biosecurity.  The objective of on-farm biosecurity is:
  1. To prevent the introduction of infectious disease agents to chicken.
  2. To prevent the spread of disease agents from an infected area to an uninfected area.
  3. To minimise the incidence and spread of microorganisms of public health significance.
Biosecurity/quarantine is an integral part of any successful poultry production system. Biosecurity refers to those measures taken to prevent or control the introduction and spread of infectious agents to a flock. Such infectious agnets, whether they cause clinical or subclinical disease, significantly reduce the productivity, profitability and long term financial viability of a poultry operation.

Vaccination can play an important role in any biosecurity program.
Biosecurity is about managing risk to meet the objectives stated above. It is essential that a risk assessment be conducted for each farming enterprise to establish what level of risk exists in each phase of its operations and introduce measures appropriate to these levels.

This manual identifies areas of risk and appropriate measures to minimise these risks.

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For your convenience, the following forms/templates f rom the Farm Biosecurity Manual can be downloaded separately:

Personnel Quarantine Declaration (Appendix 1)

Entry Conditions Poster (Appendix 2A)

Visitors' Log (Appendix 2B)

Water Sanitation Record (Appendix 5)

Rodent Control Record (Appendix 6)

Production Area Audit Checklist (Appendix 9)

For further information on farm biosecurity, you may want to check out the farm biosecurity website set up by Animal Health Australia, of which ACMF is a member. To do so, click on the button below:


Date : 07/06/2010 National Farm Biosecurity Manual - Meat Chicken Growers (472 KB)

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