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Media Releases

Opening The Farm Gate: Chook DVD Welcomes Students to the Australian Chicken Meat Industry
Every primary and secondary school around Australia has just received a free copy of a new educational DVD, From Hatchery to Home, with comprehensive supporting materials and lesson plans th...
Media Release on School DVDs (30 KB)
Date : 16/08/2007

School Kids Bust Urban Chicken Myth
An experiment conducted by students from James Ruse Agricultural High School in Carlingford, NSW has busted a commonly-held belief about Australian chickens. The Year 10 school students compar...
ACMF Media Release: Selective Breeding School Experiment (53 KB)
Backgrounder - related FAQ (30 KB)
Date : 23/07/2007

The Australian Communications and Media Authority finds A Current Affair breached code on chicken meat broadcast
The Australian Chicken Meat Federation’s Executive Director Dr Andreas Dubs is pleased that ACMF’s complaint has been vindicated regarding the main concerns raised in its complaint lodged ...
ACMA Media Release - 5 July 2007 (39 KB)
ACMA Investigation Report No. 1779 - 5 July 2007 (123 KB)
Date : 05/07/2007

Food Safety Needs to Get on the Home Cook's Agenda
SUPPORTING FOOD SAFETY INFORMATION COUNCIL FOOD SAFETY WEEK,13-17 November 2006Behavioural research released today by the Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) shows food safety needs to get on th...
ACMF Food Safety Behavioural Research Release 15 Nov 06.pdf (43 KB)
ACMF Food Safety Fact Sheet lowres.pdf (69 KB)
Date : 15/11/2006

Long Term Drought Impacts Chicken Meat Industry
The reality of the drought being felt by farming communities across rural Australia also has a severe effect on the chicken meat industry through its impact on grain prices, a major production cost fo...
Effect of Drought on Chicken Meat Industry.pdf (38 KB)
Date : 24/10/2006

Ethanol is not the answer to the increasing fuel price
FAMILY BUDGET FUEL FARCEThe Prime Minister’s proposal to bring forward funds for conversion of motor vehicles to LPG is welcomed by three major industry associations: the Australian Lot Feeders&...
Joint Release Ethanol.pdf (38 KB)
Date : 11/08/2006

New Z-Card puts the chicken meat industry in your pocket
The Australian Chicken Meat Federation is proud to announce the release of a pocket-sized information package, called a Z-CARD™.  It contains summary information about the industry, its pol...
Date : 10/08/2006

Chicken Myths Keep Fattening the Australian Chook ...
Research released today by the Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) has revealed that almost 80% of Australians believe that something is added to the Australian chicken to make it grow artif...
Chicken_Myth_Media_Release_27_June_2006.pdf (47 KB)
Chicken_Myth_Media_Backgrounder_27_June_2006.pdf (45 KB)
ACMF_Statement_on_Hormones[2].pdf (33 KB)
ACMF_Antibiotics_Policy_Consumer_Summary[3].pdf (67 KB)
ACMF_Antibiotics_Policy[3].pdf (File Missing)
Date : 27/06/2006

Launch of the 1300 4 CHOOKs Infoline
ACMF announced the launch of the new consumer information line on 1300 4 CHOOKs (or 1300 424 665) on  19 April 2006. The annnouncement also included some recent survey data regarding the meat con
ACMF Media Release on 1300 Chook Infoline (37 KB)
Backgrounder on Consumption Patters for Different Meats (39 KB)
Date : 19/04/2006

ACMF counters Today Tonight's scare tactics
The Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) today released a statement following a segment aired on Today Tonight, Tuesday, 21 February 2006, implying that bacteria found on uncooked chicken meat is...
230206_ACMF_Media_Statement.pdf (89 KB)
Date : 23/02/2006

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