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Media Releases

Food Media Club Awards Night a Great Success
At a fantastic night, with a great crowd and excellent food and wine to match, the winners of the biennial awards by the Food Media Club were announced. The Australian Chicken Meat Federation was ple...
ACMF Media Release: Best Recipe Book Award Announced (36 KB)
Date : 29/09/2008

Best Recipe Book Award Sponsored by ACMF
AUSTRALIAN CHICKEN MEAT FEDERATION A SPONSOR AT PRESTIGIOUS FOOD MEDIA CLUB AWARDS 2008For the first time ever the Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) will be participating at this year’s ...
ACMF Media Release Best Recipe Book Award (52 KB)
Date : 05/09/2008

Feathers Will Fly in School Chook Challenge!
Did you know that more than two thirds of Australians believe that hormones are added to chicken or that chickens are genetically modified to make them grow fatter and plumper than they were 20 years ...
ACMF 2008 School Competition Media Release (125 KB)
Date : 19/08/2008

ACMF Response to Jamie Oliver
The Australian chicken meat industry does not doubt the honourable intentions that drive Jamie Oliver and we agree with him that it is desirable for the public to understand where our food comes from ...
ACMF Response to Jamie Oliver (44 KB)
Date : 23/07/2008

The Humble Chicken just got Interesting
The hungry in the world are going to get hungrier. There are 800 million people who are living in absolute poverty already and their numbers are going to increase. The answer according to an Australia...
The Humble Chicken just got Interesting (94 KB)
Date : 18/06/2008

Poultry Meat the Clear Winner
POULTRY MEAT THE CLEAR WINNER IN ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT STUDYA major carbon footprint study in the UK comparing environmental burdens and resource use in production of beef, sheep meat, poultry meat,...
ACMF Media Release on the Environmental Footprint of Chicken Meat (65 KB)
Date : 02/05/2008

Land Transport Animal Welfare Standards - Consultation Period April & May 2008
land transport standards open for public comment Proposed new standards and guidelines for the land transport of livestock in have been released for public comment. The draft standards, coordinated...
Date : 29/03/2008

Prices Set to Rise as Global Grain Supply Crisis Impacts Production Costs
Over the past six months, the continuing global grain shortage has led to unprecedented prices for feed grains. Until now, the Australian chicken meat industry has strongly resisted the imperative to...
ACMF Media Release on Chicken Meat Prices Due to Rise (89 KB)
Date : 24/10/2007

Opening The Farm Gate: Chook DVD Welcomes Students to the Australian Chicken Meat Industry
Every primary and secondary school around Australia has just received a free copy of a new educational DVD, From Hatchery to Home, with comprehensive supporting materials and lesson plans th...
Media Release on School DVDs (30 KB)
Date : 16/08/2007

School Kids Bust Urban Chicken Myth
An experiment conducted by students from James Ruse Agricultural High School in Carlingford, NSW has busted a commonly-held belief about Australian chickens. The Year 10 school students compar...
ACMF Media Release: Selective Breeding School Experiment (53 KB)
Backgrounder - related FAQ (30 KB)
Date : 23/07/2007

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