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Media Releases

Australian Chicken Meat Federation Launches Industry Report to Keep Consumers Informed
A new report published by the Australian Chicken Meat Federation, titled The Australian Chicken Meat Industry: An Industry in Profile is to be launched at the Agriculture Roundtable ...
Australian Chicken Meat Federation Launches Industry Report to Keep Consumers Informed (26 KB)
Date : 08/11/2011

Aussie Chicken Further Strengthens its Place in the Australian Diet
  Latest ABS Statistics Show Average Per-Person Chicken Consumption Reaching 43.9kg in 2010-11   The latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics...
Chicken Meat Consumption Media Release (40 KB)
Date : 30/09/2011

Secret to Achieving Your New Year Weight Loss Resolution
A BALANCED DIET RICH IN PROTEIN IS KEY TO LONG-TERM WEIGHT LOSS Every year attempting to lose weight is one of the top New Year Resolutions made by Australians, but a new survey today reveals t...
ACMF Media Release on Diet and Chicken Meat (46 KB)
ACMF Fact Sheet on Weight Control (80 KB)
Date : 04/01/2011

Secret of Keeping the Weight Off This Christmas
  A Balanced Diet Rich in Protein is Key to a Long-Term Weight Loss Christmas is fast approaching and that means parties, food and drink galore!  So, with 7 in 10 adults having at...
ACMF Media Release on Diet and Chicken Meat (45 KB)
ACMF Fact Sheet on Weight Control (80 KB)
Date : 07/12/2010

Steggles' "No Added Hormones" advertising campaign wins international recognition
Baiada Poultry, owner of iconic Australian chicken brand, Steggles, has won the International Poultry Council’s inaugural brand marketing award for its campaign aimed at dispelling the myths ...
Steggles wins the industry's international marketing award (103 KB)
Date : 05/11/2010

Chicken and Hormones - The Myth Persists
A new survey reveals the majority of Australians (78.6 percent) wrongly believe that meat chickens are fed hormones or steroids. Only 8.8 percent of people surveyed correctly believe that the chick...
ACMF Media Release 12 October 2010 - No Hormones used in Chicken (31 KB)
ACMF Factsheet on Chicken Meat - Hormones and Chicken Feed (449 KB)
Date : 11/10/2010

Australian Chicken Meat Prices Expected to Rise
Chicken is by far the most affordable meat protein.  The price has been kept low by passing on to consumers the benefits of substantial efficiency gains in all areas of chicken meat production...
ACMF Media Release 30 Sept 2010 - Effect of Grain Prices (106 KB)
Date : 30/09/2010

The Food Farm Pavilion
The Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) and the Australian Egg Corporation (AECL) are teaming up to help educate consumers on the two separate industries, the vital role they both play in the Au...
ACMF Media Release Sydney Royal Easter Show (35 KB)
Date : 09/04/2009

New Health Benefit of Chicken Discovered
Australian Research Demonstrates that Consumption of Chicken Reduces the Likelihood of late Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)An article published in February in the American Journal of Epidemiolo...
ACMF Media Release on New Research Demonstrating Health Benefits of Chicken (34 KB)
Date : 23/03/2009

Reassuring Findings by Department of Health Survey
ACMF welcomes the release today of a study regarding antibiotic resistance of bacteria of food origin. The study was undertaken on behalf of the Australian Department of Health and the Ageing and test...
ACMF Media Release on Antimicrobial Resistance Survey (35 KB)
Date : 14/01/2009

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